Ways of making the pool tarp

Here are some stages in the manufacture of pool canvas:

A. prepare the following materials: sheeting, nails, wire, bamboo,wood rafters.

2. requirements:

Sheeting at least A4 size, but more is recommended .. A5-A12 forthe price varies depending on the area masing2.
Swimming-made high minimum 1meter.
Swimming is made using bamboo and wood frame rafters as a buffer
3. Stages of manufacture:

Cut the bamboo-bamboo
Arrange the bamboo with a standing meeting
Create a depth of 10cm kamalir
Pairs of bamboo & wooden rafters in his pond pinggir2
after bamboo neatly attached, attach the tarp
how fitting tarp filled with air10 pelan2 cm, flat surface and meetings
sheeting with a wire tie in masing2 corner, and pantek with spikes on some of the side sheeting

language english area:

Here are some stages in the manufacture of pool canvas:A. prepare the following materials: sheeting, nails, wire, bamboo,wood rafters.

2. requirements:

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