How to Succeed Catfish Farming Business

Step successful cultivation of catfish

In the process of catfish farming, steps – steps taken are as follows:

A. Spawning process

Spawning process for catfish mating male and female catfish is not difficult. Spawning is the process of bringing the male and female to release eggs and sperm cells. This process is usually carried out at the pool – a special spawning ponds, catfish by mixing male and female catfish that already meet certain requirements.

Terms of yearling males:

Head of the male parent is smaller than females, and flattened skull
Skin color of the male breast older than the female, and her skin is more delicate than females
Prominent male genitals, extends backwards behind the anus with a reddish color
Yearling male abdomen is more slender and supple than the female parent
Male catfish movement more agile than the female
Terms of yearling females:

His head was bigger than the female parent
Klit catfish female chest color is lighter than the male
Gender female parent and reddish oval shaped, hole width and its location behind the anus. Normally a mature egg is yellow
Motion for the female parent usually does not agile as the male parent
His stomach is more bloated than the male parent
During the spawning broodstock catfish fed a high protein levels.After a given protein is high enough, the mother is ready to be fertilized. The fertilized egg will hatch into chicks catfish after 24 hours. After the age of one week separated the pups with the mother, while for the removal of chicks after a two-week-old puppies.

Way transfer of catfish seedlings:

– Reduce the water in the spawning nests until the water level ranges from 10 cm to 20 cm

– Setting up a shelter (bowl or bucket) which has been filled with water from the spawning ponds

– Equate temperature with the temperature of a swimming pool puppies spawning

– Move the seedlings from the breeding pond using a cup or plate

– Then move the seedlings to the nursery pond with a heart – hearts on maalm day, because it is still vulnerable to high water temperatures

2. Cultivation

Cultivation process is a process of enlargement to the size of catfish seedlings ready for sale ranging from 5 cm to 12 cm. After the seedlings were separated into the nursery pond, try to be a protective pool of high temperature. Can usually use a plastic cover or use the water hyacinth plants as cover crops.

In addition to the pool temperature setting, in the process of catfish nursery seedlings are to be given to eat. Can be a natural food such as larvae larvae, water fleas, small worms or plankton that can be given as catfish chicks aged less than 3-4 days. After the age of 3-4 days, the seedlings are allowed catfish fed with artificial nutrition and protein levels are quite high. By adding the NASA POC that contain essential minerals and proteins with a dose of 1-2 cc / kg of feed that has been mixed with a little water.

For maximum results, a catfish can be harvested after the age of 6 to 8 months. But the lack of time, catfish can be harvested if beretnya has already reached 200 grams per head. Successful way to catfish farming business, can be used as one example of a promising business opportunity. Salam success.


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